Every now and again, houses need to be deep cleaned. The best housekeepers schedule deep cleaning sessions at reasonable intervals such as at least once every month or, in most cases, any time they start a new housecleaning project.

With a thorough “deep cleaning checklist for housekeeper” handy, this process is not only systematically effective but also easy to bill for as each line-item is clearly highlighted.

If this is your first time running a deep clean mission, here is a comprehensive deep cleaning checklist for housekeepers you can use to complete it successfully:

Deep Cleaning Checklist for Living Room/Family Areas

The best approach is to go systematically through the house, making sure that you deep clean each room at a time. That being said, here is a deep cleaning checklist for the living room or family areas:

  • Tidy up: Start by tidying up and taking anything that doesn't belong in the living areas out of that room and to its rightful place. These could be toys, clothes, shoes and so on.
  • Dust the room: You need to dust the room thoroughly. Make sure to get the crown molding, floor molding, wall corners, and the ceiling fans, if any. You also need to dust the edges of any wall hangings, lamps, mirrors, pictures, and even the bulbs within the lamps.
  • Disinfect the room: As you are busy dusting the entire room, remember to disinfect what needs disinfecting such as door handles, moldings, remote controllers, and the electronics in general.
  • Clean the windows: Apart from dusting the edges, you also need to clean the windows thoroughly, including the windowsills.
  • Vacuum the entire room: Once all the dusting and disinfecting is complete, it's time to vacuum the entire room thoroughly. Be sure to get under the furniture, all carpeted areas, and in between the cushions.

Put everything back in its rightful place and in the right order making sure to get rid of any clutter. Before you are done, add a bit of a refreshing scent to the room by lightly spraying the air freshener of choice, so the room doesn't smell damp, or like the cleaning agent, you just used.

Deep House Kitchen Checklist

The kitchen is one of the most important as well as the most sensitive rooms in the house. Because most people keep their food in the kitchen (sometimes in the open), you will have to take extra care not to contaminate that food as you embark on your deep cleaning routine. Here is a comprehensive deep cleaning checklist for housekeepers when dealing with the kitchen:

  • Store the food: Make sure that everything edible is neatly and safely stored away before you even begin. You can use plastic containers with lids to keep leftovers in the fridge. If the kitchen has a pantry, you can either keep the foodstuff in plastic paper bags, or you can move all of it out of the pantry and tackle that room on its own.
  • Take out the trash: Collect every bit of trash from the kitchen and put it in the bin. Then take that out before cleaning and disinfecting the trash can.
  • Dust and disinfect the area: Start by organizing the kitchen cabinets and dusting them in the process. Then dust the windows, reorganize the drawers and remove anything that doesn't belong in the kitchen.
  • Deep clean the appliances: This is where you are going to have your work cut out for you. Deep clean and disinfect all the appliances from the microwave to the oven, dishwasher, and even fridge. It is best to empty the fridge and freezer and have them thoroughly cleaned a day before this exercise. Remember to wipe down and clean the stovetop burners as well thoroughly.
  • Mop the floors and disinfect the surfaces: Take extra care when cleaning underneath the sink and where the cleaning detergents are stored. Then go ahead and disinfect doorknobs, pulls as well as light fixtures.

Remember that some of the appliances you will be cleaning are electric and, as such, shouldn't be doused in water. Just use a bit of your disinfectant on the cloth you are using to wipe them down without making it soaking wet.

Deep House Cleaning for Bathrooms

Bathrooms also require extra care. The good news is that this an area you will be working on every day and, therefore, might not need that much effort to deep clean. Here are is the bathroom cleaning checklist to follow:

  • Clean and disinfect everything: From the light switches to toothbrush holders, soap dishes, shower knobs/heads, mirror, shower rod, countertops, doorknobs and frames, windows, and so on.
  • Scrub the bathtub, toilet, walls, and floor: Use your desired special cleaning agent to scrub the bathtub and toilet bowl, so they both glean. Do the same for the bathroom floor as well as walls and make sure that it's moped dry.
  • Wash the shower curtain and towels: Separately, of course.
  • De-clutter and reorganize: Take out anything that doesn't belong in the bathroom cabinets before wiping the cabinets down and disinfecting them as well. Reorganize them, so they remain neat and spacious.

Use a strong air freshener to ensure that the bathroom remains fresh and clean.

Deep Clean Checklist for Bedrooms

Bedrooms can be challenging to deep clean because they are the most private rooms in the house. Here is the deep cleaning checklist to use on bedrooms:

  • Declutter and reorganize: Start by picking up everything off the floor and making sure the closets are reorganized.
  • Dust the entire room: From ceiling fans to windows, lamps, desks, dressing mirrors, and even the bed. Once that is done, polish the furniture and make sure that everything is back where it belongs.
  • Disinfect the room: From doorknobs, drawer pulls, handheld devices such as laptops, and other electronics in the room.
  • Make the bed: Spread fresh sheets and bed covers on the bed, change the pillowcases, and fluff the pillows while at it.
  • Vacuum the room: Make sure that the floor is sparkling clean by vacuuming through the room while reorganizing anything you had missed, such as shoes and sandals.

You can also go through the drawers and closets to make sure that nothing needs washing, folding or ironing.

Remember, whenever using these “deep cleaning checklist for housekeeper” ideas, the most practical advice is to go top to bottom. That systematic method will ensure that you aren't unnecessarily repeating yourself.