If ever there was a time when a cleaning certificate was important in the hospitality industry and any other industry in the world, it is during these grim COVID-19 times.

While it is true that almost every industry has been adversely affected by the coronavirus, the hospitality industry has taken the brunt of the blow.

Just look at the numbers:

  • Airlines are reporting an unbelievable 96% drop in air travel throughout the globe
  • Airbnb is reporting that the bookings have fallen by a similar 96% in some cities
  • Billions of dollars in the form of refunds for canceled hosting bookings have had to be made
  • Restaurants in many countries have had to close their doors for months on end

This pandemic has all but brought the hospitality industry to a grinding halt.

Thankfully, however, more and more facilities are starting to open back up as countries begin to review their strict pandemic-coping measures. This means that the skies have opened up again, and people can start booking hosting properties on Airbnb as the world learns to cope with this disease.

The Value of a Cleaning Certificate to Your Airbnb Listing

Every business that is opening back up has had to adopt stringent measures to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and to keep their customers safe. Airbnb is no exception to this rule. These cleaning guidelines are put in place not only to help keep your listing safe but also help increase your chances of getting customers.

Here are several ways through which having a cleaning certificate will help increase the value of your Airbnb listing:

It Highlights You as a Professional Host

While it isn't necessary to have a cleaning certificate to qualify as a top host on Airbnb, having one, especially during these COVID-19 times, goes a long way in highlighting your professionalism in the cleaning sector and Airbnb industry.

The post-COVID cleaning guidelines set forth by the company are simple enough to follow. Still, they are even simpler and more effective when implemented by a professional cleaner with a certificate.

Simply highlighting the fact that you have a certificate in cleaning will show your potential customers that you already knew how to keep your premises clean and germ-free even before the pandemic. That, in turn, will increase their trust in your listing.

It Minimizes Your Chances of Getting De-Listed

These guidelines are being strictly enforced by every company as well as by most governments. It is true that in some countries, any hospitality facility found to be not adhering to the guidelines stand a very good chance of not only losing its license but also facing legal action.

While Airbnb doesn't expressly say that hosts who don't follow the cleaning guidelines to the letter will have their properties de-listed, it has always been the company's policy to investigate any complaint levied against any customer against a host and vice-versa.

Not having a clean listing that strictly follows the post-COVID health guidelines is liable to getting your home low ratings and even some complaints from visitors. Enough complaints will definitely lead to action being taken against your property by the hosting company, Airbnb.

A Clean Home Makes for Excellent Images

Apart from a vivid description of the property, one of the main selling tools you have on Airbnb as a host are the images of your property. While it is true that customers can't tell that you have a cleaning certificate just by looking at the images of your listing, they can see how clean the general environment is and, as such, can tell that you take good care of your premises.

There has always been a slight yet very discernable difference between a room that has been generally cleaned and one that has been professionally cleaned and has gone through disinfection. The latter always seems to be better put together.

When customers see that, they know that you take your hosting job seriously, and they can begin to trust you with their health as far as your listing is concerned.

Increases Your Compliance Speed

The faster you comply with the new regulation and cleaning guidelines, the sooner your business can be ready to reopen. A cleaning certificate means that you have the necessary training and familiarity with the cleaning skills needed to implement and comply with whatever new guidelines the platform may require of you. That will make you one of the most adaptable hosts and put your listing at the top of the queue as far as "post-COVID ready businesses" go.

It Can Help Reduce Your Cleaning Costs

To comply with the guidelines, you will need to both clean and sanitize your listings properly. This calls for using the right cleaning agents as well as the right household disinfectant approved by the EPA. Yes, you can practically buy these disinfectants at your nearest store. However, the list is not only long, but it also doesn't contain products that are of the same value.

If you don't know which disinfectant is effective enough (both cost-wise and cleaning-wise), you are very likely to go through a trial and error phase that will not only see you needlessly spend a lot of money but also waste a lot of time on products that aren't a right fit for your specific needs.

Granted, this is not entirely exclusive to only those who have a cleaning certificate, but the training that comes with that certificate program gives you a better chance of finding great deals and buying the right products from the start. This way, you won't waste a lot of time or resources trying to find the right product fit, and your listing can be compliant and up and running in no time at all.

Simply put, having a cleaning certificate, more so the training and skill set that comes with that certification can help add value to your Airbnb listing. This value increases the trust that both the platform and your potential customers have in your listing, and that, in turn, increases your listing's popularity, value, and earning potential.