Step 3: Pre-clean steps.

Remember to change gloves when going from dirty to clean.

  1. Open all windows.
  2. In each bathroom, close the toilet lid, move as far from the toilet as you can and flush.
  3. Collect all garbage, then close garbage bags completely and set outside.
  4. If dishwasher is empty, put all flatware, cups and plates in dishwasher and run on hottest setting. Otherwise you will do this step later.
  5. Gather all laundry (linen, towels, blankets, comforters) without shaking or fluffing and put in laundry bag for removal from property or in laundry room on a hard floor (not in the hamper). If doing laundry in the house, start washing using warmest setting possible.
  6. Gather throw pillows and blankets and place in dryer for 30 minutes on highest setting, leaving overflow in laundry room.

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