Step 8: Bathrooms

Remember to change gloves when going from dirty to clean.

  1. Before entering the bathroom put on face shield if needed.
  2. Apply toilet cleaner in the toilet and close the lid. Do not clean toilet yet. 
  3. Vacuum all hair and other particles around entire bathroom including sink area, shower or tub and floors.
  4. Clean the bathroom: shower or tub, sink counters, knobs, thermostat, towel racks, mirrors etc.
  5. Clean the toilet last using a brush. Make certain to keep your face away from the bowl. 
  6. Close the lid. Step away from the toilet as far as possible then flush. Leave the lid closed.
  7. Do these steps for all bathrooms then proceed.
  8. Remove gloves and dispose. Wash or sanitize hands correctly. Put on new gloves.
  9. Using disinfectant spray (or wipes), spray all light switches, countertops, door knobs, cupboard doors, sink handles, shower and toilet handles and hard surfaces. Do this step for all bathrooms.

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