Masks and Eye Protection

How to wear and remove a mask

  1. Wash your hands correctly or sanitize.
  2. Identify the inside of the mask, usually the white side.
  3. Place the mask carefully to cover your mouth and nose and tie securely, minimizing gaps.
  4. Once on, avoid touching the mask.
  5. To remove, do not touch the front, remove the lace from behind.
  6. After removal, or anytime you touch the mask, clean your hands.
  7. Replace mask as soon as it is damp or humid.
  8. Do not reuse single use masks.
  9. Throw disposable masks out immediately after use in a plastic bag, and wash your hands.

Eye protection

Eye protection is required to keep you from touching your eyes and is required for protection from cleaning products and risk of splash.

  1. Eye protection includes safety glasses or face shields.
  2. Once on, avoid touching the eye protection.
  3. Since eye protection is not disposable, wash with soap and water for 20 seconds between homes or when it becomes visibly soiled.

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