Cleaning Certificate Badges

Badges are achieved by companies that commit to all staff completing and passing their appropriate courses.

Courses may be purchased in bulk. Bulk orders will produce a coupon code good for that number of classes.

Emails of completion will be sent as courses are completed.

The badge will be sent once the badge course is completed.

Badge Commitment and Affirmations (representations and warranties) will need to be actively maintained for all employees or cleaning contractors as a condition of using the Badge. 

Badge Commitment and Affirmations

As a condition of use of the Cleaning Certificate Badges on a user’s website, or through electronic or print materials the Company displaying the Badge shall be subject to the following representations and warranties on a continuous basis:

-- All staff members entering any property have passed the appropriate Cleaning Certification course on an annual basis and paid the appropriate fees for the cleaning certificate for each staff member, whether an employee or independent contractor.  

-- Ensure that all staff members entering any property agree to implement the guidelines and best practices included in the certification course at all times.

--Commitment to ensuring and obtaining appropriate personal protection equipment for staff members.  

-- Commitment to staying current on state and local regulations and guidelines.

-- Additional support for staff by passing along state and local regulations and guidelines.

-- Publish on the Badge user’s website or materials in a conspicuous location that the certification program makes no guaranties or warranties that the cleaning techniques will prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria or other illness, including the spread of Covid-19 even when all precautions are properly taken.

--User will hold harmless and indemnify Cleaning Certification, and its owners, agents, contractors, or employees from any claims associated with the certification program, use of the Badge, breach of any representation or warranty, failure to properly clean any properties, or failure to prevent the spread of Covid-19 or other viruses, bacteria or other illness.